Travis Monk Tree Service


Locally Owned and Operated Tree Service in Milton, PA

stump grinding machine

Travis Monk Tree Service is a locally owned and operated business serving both Union and Northumberland, PA, counties. We are licensed and insured company in Milton and specialize in tree service and stump grinding. Whether it’s a simple job at your home or a batch of trees at your company, you can be sure that our team will perform a complete cleanup after the job is done.

Because we have been in the business for years, we have become accustomed to diagnosing problems with trees quickly. We are able to easily pinpoint where we can take the tree down without causing any additional harm to the property.

We are also excellent at stump grinding. Our state-of-the-art grinders will leave nothing but mulch where your stump used to be. The leftover mulch can be used for a garden, flower bed, and more, to enhance the look of your property.    

Since we are locally based, we are available at a moment's notice to assist. We know the area well and will get to you exactly when expected. If you have questions or need something done quickly, you can count on us to be there for you.

Reliable service, professional tree removal, land clearing, and stump removal is only a phone call away. Contact us to find out why we are known throughout the area for our attention to detail. Call today to find out about our affordable rates!

man with chainsaw cutting down a tree


Any unwanted trees on your property will be removed carefully and quickly. From trimming to removal, we can handle all tree jobs big and small.


Let us get rid of dangerous and troublesome tree stumps. Our grinders will make sure they completely disappear, leaving nothing but mulch in their place.


Do you need someone to solve your land clearing needs? Let us solve your problem and call us today for a free estimate.